Benefit from maximum revenue for your future and that of your family, for the education of your children or your retirement. 

Plan for a secure future: (Caser Previsión) The saving for your retirement.

1. CASER PREVISIÓN is an individual savings / life insurance, especially for building pensions. The main guarantees are:

  • Pension
  • Death
  • Invalidity

Individual systematic savings plan (PIAS) Your savings are insured.

2. CASER PIAS is a savings plan for the short and long term.

  • Provides the ability to have a certain amount to have a pre-agreed date at a      guaranteed rate.
  • Characteristic of the combination of profitability, optimal tax benefits and extended benefits in unexpected circumstances.
 The best return for your savings. ( Caser Diferido)

3. CASER DIFERIDO  is a single-premium policy that protects the money from fluctuations in the

  • financial markets and is able to compete and excel in the field of
  • profitability, security and liquidity of savings in the medium and long term.
  • in the current financial market, it is difficult to decide what we will do with our money.

Caser Diferido offers great solutions:

  • Guaranteed Interest
  • Support Caser Seguros
  • Higher profitability than other short-term savings products on the market.
  • quick and easy  contract
  • The possibility for the invested money to take at any time, in whole or in part