Family Coverage for damage, legal liability, legal assistance and continuous travel assistance

 Legal Liability:

 Payout up to € 300,000, - to compensate for damage or injury caused to third parties:
  •  Legal liability family. Guarantees compensation for damage to third parties caused by the insured and / or family members, both at home and outdoors.
  •  Legal liability building. Cover damage caused by building  parts (Eg If, when breaking a water pipe, the flat of the downstairs neighbors comes under water)

Legal assistance:

Caser pais legal fees in the following cases:
  • Civil and criminal claims caused by damage, which are covered in the policy.
  • Cover for legal fees and expenses as a result of criminal or civil law claims, which are imposed to the insured person by judgment.

 Annual Travel assistance:

  • Medical expenses incurred outside the country of residence and/or country of nationality.To: € 12.000,-
  • Dental assistance. To: € 300,-
  • Extension of stay in a hotel on the prescription of a doctor. (Max. 10 days in 4 star hotel.)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for escorts by prolonged hospitalization. (Min. 5 days and 10 days in 4 star hotel.)
  • Transfer or repatriation of ill or injured. (Incl. a supervisor)
  • Transfer or repatriation of the deceased.
  • Transfer or repatriation of minor beneficiary.
  • Shipment of medication abroad.
  • Early return in hospitalization or death: husbands, registered partners, parents, children, brothers and sisters.
  • Early return in case of fire, leakage of water or gas in your home or business.
  • Advice and assistance in finding luggage due to theft or loss.
  • Compensation for loss or damage to baggage. Up to € 300, - per insured up to € 1500, - per claim.
  • Downpayment required of € 1500, -
  • Buying bare necessities to € 300, - per insured and up to € 1200, - per claim.